“No, My Friends, We Won’t Go Slow”. The Restoration of Lithuania’s Independence in the Pages of the World Press in 1990

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    March 25, 1990

    Beata Monstavicius. “Europe is guilty”


    The countries from the European Community, including Spain, are the main culprits of Gorbachev's military repressions in Lithuania. This country, which was forcibly occupied during the Second World War, deserves the support of all democratic countries. Sadly, as events show, the free world is once again turning a blind eye to the obvious disregard for international law. This gives Gorbachev a free hand to use the same Stalinist methods as always. The European Community talks a lot about democratic principles, but does not demonstrate them when the time comes. So far this issue has not appeared in any formal Spanish government statement. Lithuania, a peaceful and unarmed country, asks for assistance. History will condemn the CE in the future for its co-operation with Soviet militarism and for the shortsightedness shown by a free and democratic Europe.


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    The author is a representative of the Lithuanian World Community.

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    May 3, 1990

    “The only path”


    The cautious reaction of European governments and the US towards Lithuania can be explained by two main reasons. First, there is the desire to avoid the promotion of nationalism, which could lead to serious problems in Europe at a time when it is establishing a new security system. And on the other hand, there is a reluctance to push Gorbachev into a difficult situation, given that the Soviet Parliament recently passed a law stating that those republics who wish to secede, may do so. Thus, there is a legal path for seeking independence. To wish to push for independence, as Landsbergis has attempted to do, without considering the 40 years of belonging to the USSR, does not seem reasonable.


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    June 13, 1990

    Roger Jiménez. “Pujol defends the Baltic Republics' right to independence”


    LONDON. – Pujol, the President of the autonomous government of Catalonia, passionately defended the Baltic countries' right to independence at the last meeting of the permanent committee of the Assembly of European Regions in Winchester. As the vice-president of the Assembly, Pujol stated that the Estonian, Latvian, and Lithuanian identities with their physical and cultural characteristics, distinct from the neighboring zones, give them each a sufficient cohesion to have an understanding of their customs and ideals.

    “Lithuanians have the right to live according to their identity precisely because they are Lithuanians and not Russians and they cannot be required to put up with the false pretexts of world peace or the equilibrium of the Russian Empire,” stated Jordi Pujol.